With the dreary winter months winding down and a steady gaze forward into early spring, we find ourselves gradually coming back to life. Today we’re dreaming about soft places to land, prim pastels, and all things dreamy.


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When the giving is this good only the best thanks will do. This week we’re dreaming about lovely llama pillows, fabulous wall decor, and whimsically delightful cards. Today’s forecast calls for tassels, fringe, and lotsa llamas.


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Foodie Friday : Hang on, Little Tomato

When the going gets tough, the tomato stays bright.

Today, we’re dreaming about the ripe fruits our gardens will produce in the upcoming months, that cheery bright color, and all things round.


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Tragically Glamorous Seeks Romance

Romantically drab winter weather leaves us aching for even a small breath of spring. Today we’re forgetting about the chill, jet setting to somewhere better with champagne popsicles, glamorous attire, and the belief that having both those things is a lovely reason to celebrate.


Tragically Glamorous


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Spring? Is that you?

With the worst of winter behind us and a breath of spring just barely sneaking in we are left dreaming about the verdant days to come. Today we’re itching to dig our toes into lush grass and instead settle for celebrating spring’s first hesitant embrace with the soft peek of pastels.


Spring Is That You

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Strawberry Chiffon

It may be cold and gray outside, or blanketed in white, or even just plain awful but that won’t stop our soiree. Today we’re dreaming about layers of chiffon, whipped with fresh smashed strawberries and a hint of cream, layered with the lightest, most delicate sparklified cookies.


Strawberry Chiffon



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Move Over Barbie, There’s a New Confection in Town

Sometimes pink isn’t so pretty. Feeling a little sickeningly sweet? Look out Babs, there’s a brand new cream puff in town! Today we’re dreaming about all the barbie-zillas, overly coiffed coifs, and lots of bubblegum. Lots and lots of bubblegum.   Move Over Barbie   lady | phone | interior

Labor Day = No Work, All Play

Does Labor Day really have to be the last hurrah of summer? Today, let’s pretend the long days and warm nights will last forever, hang whimsical patriotic streamers, and bake fanciful sparkler cookies.


Labor Day


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