Island Dreams

The salty air, warm breeze, full sun kind of place. Today we’re dreaming about fresh caught al fresco dinners, breezy tops, and fun wheels to take us there.   Island Dreams   lady | wheels | party


Hello World, Meet Ms. Tourista

Ms. Tourista is our alter ego, clearly our evil twin, our archnemesis, the lady we all dream of being : world traveler, stylish even on the most balmy, breezeless days, always ready to transition from climbing the Acropolis to dinner on a yacht – without a second thought. Today, we’re dreaming about pretending to be a sassy tourist, snapping shots of ageless architecture, wearing strappy sandals that don’t hurt our feet after ten hours of walking, and doing it all without ever breaking a sweat, even on the hottest days.

Ms Tourista

lady | camera | bag

Color Play

The sunny glow of yellow, the dreamy turquoise, the smooth contrast. Today, we’re dreaming about balmy summer days filled with touristy escapades, arm candy, and embracing retro color combos.


Color Play


lady | dressing room | party

Sassy Sunnies + Frilly Dresses

Hey! Guess what? It’s my birthday, ta-da! Today we’re lighting a candle, licking ice cream drips from the side of the sugar cone, and dreaming about frilly party dresses paired with sassy sunnies.


Birthday Party


lady | ice cream | party

Turquoise + Sparklers

Is Memorial Day truly the very beginning of summertime? Today we’re dreaming about sailing through all those patriotic summer parties, silly sparkler toppers in hand, and adding a breath of fresh turquoise to our ensemble.

Turquoise + Sparklers

lady | cake | decor

Step Aside, There’s a New Lady in Town

Bright prints, outrageous style, unapologetic interiors – this lady is living all that business without batting an eyelash. Today we’re dreaming about having our own runway life in bold prints, tragically stylish wall colors, and, of course, funky, mismatched kitchen items.



Work + Play


lady | home | dine

No Shrinking Violets Here

It’s finally consistently feeling like spring, and aren’t we ready to celebrate it! Today we’re dreaming about flowers that are not for the faint of heart, silly bags to carry all our dreams in, and whimsical days worth wishing for.


No Shrinking Violets Here


lady | bag | party

Color Play

Gray and rainy days, nautical dreams, and the happiest yellows make everything cozy and bright. Today, we’re dreaming about sailing away to fabulously understated dinner parties and snuggly spots to snooze the grayest days away.


Color Play


lady | dine | snooze

Feelin’ Blue Feels So Good

Feeling blue? If that’s a resounding “no” then rest assured. Today, we’ve got just what you need to scratch that itch and satisfy every cool, crisp, blue craving you really should have.


Feelin Blue Feels So Good


lady | table | bed

Keep Swimming, Little Fish

Feeling blue? We’ve got just what the doctor’s ordered, and besides, what is not to love about a bag shaped like a fish? Today, we’re dreaming about sailing on the clear, blue waters of the Mediterranean, funky bags, and pops of refreshing mismatched dishware.

Keep Swimming Little Fish

lady | bag | table