To Gift or Not To Gift?

It’s that time, I suppose. The time when everyone you know starts settling down, or as I like to say, starts dropping like flies! The only trouble is the dilemma of the engagement gift. What to do? Something general, something personal, something for each party or a combined gift? What if there isn’t a registry yet?

Wrapped & Ready

Either way I’d love to offer something fun as a congratulatory gift to each couple. In the past it’s been gift certificates to restaurants they’ve never tried or the “everything a bride could possibly need to prepare” basket but what about the bride that isn’t interested in the traditional, cream-puff-meets-Glinda-dress wedding? What about the crafty, no fuss bride?

"Wine" Glasses

After scouring every blog/site/pinterest board out there looking for the idea no one has thought of yet I had a brilliant idea for Christmas decorations. (Somehow the holidays have so much in common with weddings.) It felt only natural to repurpose another idea I had started for Christmas. (That post can be found here) There were a few clear candleholders left over from the other project as well as some mason jars and with a little Amazing Goop brand glue I was able to put together some fun glassware. Here the jars and candleholders become “wine glasses” rather than display pieces. I added to the gift with pillar candles that got jazzed up with some spray paint and a little rhinestone ribbon around the base. I’m thinking a nice bottle of bubbly would suit this gift as well?

Jazzed Candles


Christmas Fun

Well, it’s year number two in the new house and the second Christmas. Although I decorated last year for the holidays, it just seemed like nothing felt right this year. I do enjoy the lights, wreaths, ornaments and other accouterments of the holidays but I like to balance the manufactured with some handmade and so the search began. It seems like I spent months worrying over what to do, what to keep and what to toss. It’s funny how a friend’s engagement led me to a quite fantastic idea. While looking for engagement gift ideas for someone more nontraditional than not, I stumbled upon something I had seen before, but saw in a new light now. They are a sort of “wine glass” with the old trusty mason jar perched on top of a stem of some sort, in my case a candleholder. I’m no stranger to thrift stores, mason jars or glue so this was just my sort of thing…….

Thrifty Finds

Always a fan of a thrift store find, I cleared out the local shop of all their hideous colored and clear tapered candlestick holders, vases and bowls. In shades of pistachio, rose, baby blue and even so wild as rich, dark greens I saw potential. Looking more for intricate shapes and a variety of heights, I didn’t care what the color was. Lucky for me it was Black Friday and even the thrift shop had a deal – fifty percent off everything!

Spraypainting fun

My finds were then given a serious makeover – a few cans of spray paint and several hours to dry later, they had new life. After letting them dry completely, I used some of my trusty Amazing Goop to attach mason jars to the tops of the candleholders and vases. In the jars I’m displaying Christmas ornaments and brightly wrapped candies. I love a good find, a good project and a good deal – this one hits all three! I’m even now thinking of them doubling as candleholders once again, this time with votives maybe?


Here they are with some small ball ornaments and candies. I just love them! It’s just what I needed for the holidays to feel right!