When the giving is this good only the best thanks will do. This week we’re dreaming about lovely llama pillows, fabulous wall decor, and whimsically delightful cards. Today’s forecast calls for tassels, fringe, and lotsa llamas.


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Takin’ Care of Business

Yaaa, we like when things get done on time, too.



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Foodie Friday : New Potato Kebabs

Our garden has been an interesting affair, with the latest fun thing we tried being potatoes. Admittedly, we were a little skeptical about growing them, even well into the growing process, wondering how deep they needed the soil to be, how wide of a footprint they’d take up in the garden, and even how many we’d get. Well, all that worry was for nothing. The new potatoes we grew were neither deep in the soil, nor did they take up a ton of precious garden real estate, and best of they were prolific and ready relatively quickly. We decided to harvest them before they got enormous, and have been having a blast finding ways to use them. Look at these things : they’re bite size, adorable, and the perfect shade of reddish purple.


Probably the most fun way we’ve eaten them so far is on a kebab. They were particularly delicious surrounding shrimp, grilled, and then cut up and added to tacos with fresh cucamelon salsa from the garden. For the new potato kebabs we went with our standard olive oil + herbs mix, brushed onto freshly harvested and lightly boiled new potatoes, strung onto wooden sticks, and grilled till just barely crisp. To try these tasty bits out yourself you’ll need :

Tiniest New Potatoes

Olive Oil

Your favorite seasonings : we went with generous amounts of Cavender’s greek seasoning, basil (dried or fresh), paprika, white pepper, black pepper, garlic (fresh or powdered), cumin, blacken seasoning, a pinch of thyme.

Anything else you can think of adding to those babies : we also make these with shrimp added to the skewers

Boil the potatoes in salted water for five minutes, or until fork tender, drain, and skewer with kebabs. Alternate with other vegetables or meat, as desired, brush generously with your olive oil and seasonings mixture, and grill till desired doneness, rotating periodically. We didn’t bother with greasing our wooden skewers and didn’t have a problem with anything sticking. They’re delicious alone, or with a little sour cream on the side.

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