Closet Challenge : Six Month Review / Halfway There!

Well, can you believe I’ve survived the challenge this far? Now that we’re at the halfway point I’d like to review my rules :

The Closet Challenge : Halfway There

1. Purchase Limit :  Have I met, exceeded, or come in under this requirement?

2. Budget :  Was it reasonable?

3. Exceptions to Rules 1 + 2 : Did I struggle with exceptions? Did they throw off my budget? Was it not as important as I thought?

4. Exchanges + Returns : Did I limit the number of impulse purchases or have a lot/little buyer’s remorse?

5. Gifts : Did I receive any losers? Was this a big deal?

6. Add, Remove :  How successful was this? A challenge? A relief?

7. Documentation :  Were these cathartic? Did it help?

8. The Reality : How many times did I fall off the wagon? Was it hard? Was it worth it?

9. Remove : Any success with selling items? Did I keep after it?

10. Goal : Did I stick to my new motto (Buy less, choose well, quality first) and am I on track for the rest of the year?

Thinking forward : I’d like to continue on the path I’ve been going for the last six months and make certain changes moving forward to better zero in on those things I’ve struggled with.


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