Closet Challenge : Five Month Review / Falling In and Out of Love

It’s solidly autumn here, the temps are dropping in the evenings, and cozy layers are coming back in style. With these changes I’ve had an opportunity to think about (or rethink) my approach to achieving a seasonless wardrobe. There are definitely items that I love having for fall, especially warm colors like ochre, rust, ox blood, and tall boots. Oh, wait. Tall boots. I love them but they’re really a three season item and I tend to keep them out of storage from late autumn through early spring. Who cares!? The big issue here is how many pairs of tall boots I own. Remember that embarrassingly honest audit I did a while back? I have 10 boots to my name, only 1 of which are ankle height, and this doesn’t include the pair of waterproof dog walking boots or the pair of snow boots. The shame! This month’s task is to tackle the tall boots situation. Here are my thoughts :

Would they be comfortable to walk in for an entire day around a foreign city playing tourist?

Do they show excessive wear?

When was the last time I wore them?

Is there enough variety of items in the closet that they “work” with?

Could they be considered repeats?

Should they pay a visit to the “shoe guy” for a quick tune up or repair?

The Closet Challenge : Falling In + Out of Love

After answering these difficult questions (I do so love shoes), and making my four piles, I’m proud to announce I now only own 7 pairs of boots. The toss pile went right in the trash, the donate pile has been carted out to Goodwill, and the repair pile has be taken to Caesar. I did decide to tuck away in storage 2 pairs for the future only because they’re in great shape, are repeats of pairs that are more worn, and could save me the cost and trouble of finding a replacement when the current pair dies. I’m deciding to look at this as an investment, and not hoarding. We’ll revisit this situation next purge and see if it was worth keeping them.


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