Closet Challenge : Four Month Review / Another Closet Change

I’ve survived my first season of the challenge and am now embarking on another seasonal closet change. Here are the numbers :

Started with a total of 409 items

Number of bins stowed away in June : 3

Number of bins stowed away this time : 2

Additions : 7

The Closet Challenge : Another Closet Change

Whew! So much better already, but there’s still lots to do since I’ve not yet reached my goal of 100 total pieces. Last month we went over how to approach purchasing additional items to fill holes in the wardrobe, but not the nitty gritty of such an experience. My first step when buying clothing is to look in my own closet. A lot of times I’ve already got something that fits the bill, and if I don’t there’s a chance a little soul searching will show I don’t really need it after all. If it really is something splurge-worthy I’ll give consignment shops a look and see if I can’t find what I’m itching for at a much lower price.

Oftentimes I can totally score a name brand, perfect condition, sometimes with tags still on it item that suits my needs. Occasionally, however, it’s something that can only come from one of a handful of places. This is where those annoying retail emails come in handy – signing up for all my go-to retailers’ emails, stashing them away for a day such as this, and combing through them when I’m looking for something in particular. Is there a super awesome coupon? A big sale coming up soon? Can I wait to purchase this until it goes on sale or clearance?


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