The Closet Challenge : Sort, Repair, Sell

Having only my spring/summer wardrobe in the closet feels great, especially after doing a serious purge while changing things out. The next task to tackle is getting rid of the losers that didn’t make the cut into my closet. After combing through all the those items looking for stains, tears, or just plain old worn out pieces, I tossed everything that was beyond repair and made two piles, donate and sell. The items that aren’t quality brands or are difficult to sell will be carted off to my local Goodwill. Easy. The items that might be sale quality will be listed on eBay for thirty days.


After the thirty day mark I’ll reassess what’s left, relist the most viable items, pack the remaining pieces up into a polka dot bag, and send them off to ThredUp, a buy/sell clothing website that more or less does all the work for you. The key with selling items is making sure they’re in (at the very least) good condition, clean, free of marks or tears, and, if listing them yourself, ensuring they have decent photos. The most important part is caring for these items that you don’t even want anymore. Have respect for the people that might own these things next by folding them, stacking them neatly, and placing them carefully in their respective bags, mailing envelopes, or boxes. When shipping out a sold item fold and place it carefully in a lightly padded envelope or roll in bubble wrap and place in a sturdy box. In short, treat these things as though you were about to purchase them yourself. For items that aren’t the most desirable labels or trends I order a bag from Schoola and send them off to raise money for a local high school.

As for everything I decided to keep that needed a bit of mending, I did a delicate cycle on cold, hung things up to air dry, and took the damaged pieces for a little TLC. I found that having 9 items repaired by a local tailor, and 2 pairs of shoes brought back to life by my favorite shoe guy, Caesar, I only had to shell out $37 which fits nicely in my monthly budget of $150 for all clothing and accessories related costs. To toss these items and purchase new ones in their place would never have been such a small cost, and besides, these are items I know fit me well and I love to wear them, making the repairs all the more worth it.

Check out the #passthebag campaign and help kids around the world go to school by giving away your unwanted clothing and accessories items with purpose.

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