Closet Challenge : Two Month Review / The Struggles

Going into this I knew there would be things about the challenge that were… challenging. The trial separation has gone well and resulted in XX items being welcomed back into the closet and XX items being set aside for donation or sale. Small wins are wins nonetheless. Looking back on the past two months I’m noticing something I expected and am still surprised about : a trend. Naturally I wear the same few items repeatedly and neglect the majority of what’s left.


Of the “what’s left” category in the closet I see four distinct sections : body shape/weight fluctuation, boredom, weather, and special occasions. My weight and shape don’t change drastically, however, I like to eat pasta and wear stretchy clothes sometimes, but not always. I’ll get tired of wearing the same style/color/type of item and have a few wild cards to change things up. I own rain boots, rarely wear them, but when I do I’m SO HAPPY I own them. We attend several black tie/gala/fundraising events a year that require formalwear. These things are handy to have but not absolutely necessary in large quantity. To tackle this I’ve come up with a breakdown of what I wear, and how much I wear it :

80% work : luckily I can dress casually in clothes that take me from day job to happy hour with little to no change

15% sleep, curling, bocce, gardening, walking my dog, etc. : when I can wear whatever I darn well feel like

5% special occasions : black tie events, galas, fundraisers at the Art Museum, weddings, etc. : those times I need to look real nice, think gown or cocktail dress, clutch, fancy shoes BUT also those odd days for rain boots or snow goggles

With this in mind I embarked on another closet purge with the addition of another trial separation. For formalwear I will purchase a dress at a great price (read : very discounted/clearance/second hand) and try to wear the item four times (to different events, of course) before selling it. For curling clothes or things I wear around the house, to work in the yard, or walk my dog I’ll buy new and wear it to death, making the cost per drop to pennies. The hardest part is everything else. Items I can wear to work and play include sensible pieces that are versatile, comfortable, and most likely seasonless, but also include quite a few wild cards that might not be my style, fit, or favorite pieces. Big life questions :

Are there any formal pieces I’ve worn several times that could be sold?

Have my 15% items been worn to death, are they worse for wear, or stretched out?

Do the wild cards fit comfortably, are they versatile, can I put them in regular rotation?


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