The Closet Challenge : Purging + Soul Searching

As it’s now late into July, and the weather is finally becoming consistently gorgeous, it’s high time I finally pack away the last of the cold weather items. This brings me to my first round of purging since beginning the challenge. Here are some questions I’m asking myself as I put away the off season items and pulling out things for the upcoming season :

Did I wear this at all since doing my last closet change?

Was it comfortable and/or fitting correctly when I last wore it?

Can I wear it any other season?

If I were out shopping today would I buy this?

Does it bring me joy?

Are there duplicates? Do I need multiples of this item?

Do I feel confident when I wear this? (Do I pull, tug, retuck, tweak, itch, or do anything distracting when I wear this?)

Is the material difficult to clean, keep unwrinkled, or hold it’s shape?

Does it have tags on it?

Am I keeping it only because of fond memories attached to it?

Also, I spent time looking through everything closely to check for stains, tears, or inconsistencies. Ultimately, I’m looking to make four piles : trash, donate, sell, repair. Everything I’m keeping for this season gets loaded into the closet; everything I’m keeping from the off season gets loaded into a bin for storage.


Here’re my totals for the purge :


Cardigans – 1

Blazers & Lightweight Jackets – 7



Sweaters – 7

Long Sleeve Tees –

Short Sleeve Tees – 9

Sleeveless Blouses – 11

Sleeved Blouses – 9

Button Front – 4

Dresses – 18

Skirts – 10

Shorts – 4

Jeans (this includes black) – 1

Solid Color Pants – 5

Capris & Crops – 2



Scarves – 6

Belts – 2






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