Closet Challenge : One Month Review / Trial Separation + Learnings

The mind is a fickle thing, resolve can be weak, and I’ll be the first to admit that there are still (still!) things in my closet that I really don’t want or need. How does this happen? Even now! I’m on a roll, getting rid of things I don’t need… “Throw it ALL away!” (I’ll yell this battle cry during a purge only to not throw away nearly as much as I should).


To get Purge Round Two in motion I decided to embark on a trial separation from the items I don’t really need but can’t seem to let go. The plan here is to move those items to another closet and hope that out of sight, out of mind comes into play. After a month I’ll do a check and decide what I can toss; if I think of or miss something during that month I’ll be allowed to shop it out of the separation closet and add it back into my closet. When the month passes I will toss those things I’ve forgotten about or not needed, not matter how bad I might want to packrat them away.

The decision of what goes in the separation closet is a tough one; it’s hard to keep emotions out of it. It’s been six weeks since I started this challenge, purged my closet, and changed seasons so I do have a good idea of what’s being worn and what’s just hanging around. The trouble is not thinking “what if” about things. If I need it, I’ll be just a few steps away. No need to have a panic attack. Yet.


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