The Closet Challenge : Taking Stock

This week I’m going to begin tackling my closet, starting with unveiling the numbers. The struggle here is the sheer quantity of items – there are just too many to wear them all in a year. So many of these pieces are hand-me-downs, gifts, swaps, and things that somehow appear unbidden; whether or not they fit, are in style, or suit my tastes all will need to be determined. I’m going to spend this year vetting things out, deciding what’s worth keeping, and letting the rest go. Since the only way to really know what I’m up against is a tally of all items, regardless of season or occasion, I’ve compiled a list of categories and the (embarrassing) grand total.

The Closet Challenge : Tallying + Taking Stock

Outerwear – 12

Cardigans – 5

Poncho – 1

Vests – 6

Blazers & Lightweight Jackets – 20

Lightweight Pullover Sweaters – 17

Heavy Sweaters – 13

Long Sleeve Tees – 27

Short Sleeve Tees – 11

3/4 Sleeve Tees – 4

Sleeveless Blouses – 19

Sleeved Blouses – 21

Button Front – 21

Dresses – 43

Skirts – 17

Shorts – 12

Printed Pants – 10

Jeans (this includes black) – 8

Solid Color Pants – 5

Capris & Crops – 9

Hats – 3

Scarves – 29

Belts – 14

Boots – 14

Flats – 33

Heels – 21

Sandals – 14

Grand total (yikes!) : 409

Knowing these numbers is empowering, but how to know what’s enough is an entirely different story. In an effort to understand how much is enough, I’ve scoured every resource I could find, and…. found myself overwhelmed. The hot thing anymore is this idea of a capsule collection wardrobe, but depending on where you look there different quantities. Do I keep 100 pieces? 25? 33? How do you know when you’re “there” and have the perfect closet for you? What about a change of seasons?


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