Fall Bucket List

Hi there happies!

I just love everything about fall – bonfires, pumpkins, baking and spices. Even though it’s not yet September I can’t help but think about the things I want to do as soon as the weather gets just a little bit cooler. Inevitably I have too many fun ideas and not enough time on the weekends to get to everything. This year I’ve put my bucket list down on paper in hopes of getting around to planning all fun that autumn just seems to beg for. Take a look at what I’ve got here and send me any ideas I might have missed. I’m including links below to a few of the things that have caught my eye and I’ll add some posts as I go along checking things off the list. Stay tuned and be sure to enjoy the season!

Fall Bucket List 2013

1 – Pumpin Cookies, 2 – Drive-in Movie, 3 – Lowcountry Boil, 4 – Fall Cleaning, 5 – Holiday Shopping, 6 – Pumpkin Carving, 7 – Decorate Front, 8 – Peeper Drive, 9 – Yard Clean-up, 10 – Antiquing, 11- Acorn Crafting, 12 – Food Drive, 13 – Apple Butter, 14 – Movember Campaign, 15 – PA Conference for Women, 16 – Sweet Potato Muffins (I use sweet potato puree in place of pumpkin), 17 – City Fun, 18 – Soup Night, 19 – Fall Fest, 20 – Armchair Traveling, 21 – Polo, 22 – Windows open, 23 – Decorate Pumpkins, 24- Homemade Candy Corn, 25 – Rodeo