Movember 2012

For the past couple years Adam has been participating in the international campaign to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer, known as Movember. (US chapter can be found here) Adam’s team is typically a crew from his work, Victory Brewing Co., and has grown in number year over year. (Team Victory can be found here) In the past, their efforts to spread the word and drive traffic to their team page have been verbally communicated to prospective donors. The only flaw is that it’s no easy thing to remember to visit the site once the conversation has ended.

Team Victory Movember Cards

Last year, after the campaign ended along with November, we found many had been interested in donating or learning more but didn’t hear about our efforts until it was too late. Naturally, we saw this as a challenge. Determined to outdo ourselves and generate some excitement, we brainstormed like crazy. Ideas for parties, mailers, and funky mustache-themed paraphernalia started to fly. Adam reined me in and we compromised on testing one idea….figuring we should focus on building year over year.

Team Victory Movember Cards

Learning from past years and looking for ways to better communicate our message while spreading it to a larger audience, we decided to test one new thing: business cards. Adam’s core model of growing the ‘stache, building a team and focusing on the personal relationship of communicating the campaign to family and friends would remain. We would only add the cards as a takeaway from the conversation between team member and prospective donor.

Team Victory Movember Cards

Easy to produce and easier to hang on to, business cards were a natural choice. Partnering with Adam to determine the strongest solution, I started out with three simple designs, each with a call to action and team site on the front to drive traffic and a fun mustache motif on the back. I kept the colors to natural browns and the elements strong and graphic. The hope was to encourage the team to share the message, reinforced with these fun cards, while offering our audience something to remind them where to find more information about the cause, make a donation, or just offer support and encouragement to the team. The good news is we ran out and had additional cards produced and even customized some to specific team members. The enthusiasm of both the team and our audience was incredible and the fundraising total, along with team size, was nearly double over last year. Hopefully next year we’ll expand into additional deliverables……. postcards, bandanas, mugs, anyone?

The Full Line-Up of Team Victory Movember Cards


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